Shape, Value, Form

Painting of Matthew Watson

Originally I had wanted to do Danny Devito, and actually, I had started on a painting of him. After outlining the values and painting a portion of his portrait, I decided to let him dry on my floor. While my paints were out, I wanted to work on a personal…

One of the greatest pieces of art comes from a show called ‘FLCL’.

The term “Never Knows Best” is a nonsensical term printed onto the side of a burning cigarette, but the inclusion of the phrase makes this image more powerful. The character shown here (Mamimi) is struggling to grasp the fact that her best friend and love interest moved away to America and is leading a life without her. The phrase “Never Knows Best” actually refers to no one knowing the best way to move about life, and in this case, Mamimi has given up hope that her life will change around for the better, and so the text and the cigarette shows her disregard for her life, and how she believes nothing will change moving forward. Never knows best.

G. Gomez

This is my art blog for class.

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